PCP National measures report 2019The 2019 National Measures Report showcases how members of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program are committed to climate action at the local level.

Over 400 PCP member municipalities across Canada developed 420 projects to reduce GHG emissions, both in municipal operations and in the way energy is used in homes, businesses and transportation.

Some of the 10 top reported actions include:

  • Retrofit programs for residential and/or commercial buildings
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations for public use
  • Enhancement of walking and cycling infrastructure including sidewalks, multi-purpose trails, bike lanes, paved road shoulders, etc.

The report features case studies and highlights of both corporate initiatives, which target emissions from municipal operations and services, and community-wide initiatives, which target emissions from the community at large.

Read the 2019 National Measures Report to find out more about the actions Canadian municipalities of all sizes are taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Partners for Climate Protection program is a partnership between ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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