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Partners for Climate Protection

Milestone Framework

The PCP five-milestone process is a performance-based model for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The model is flexible, in that milestones can be completed in many different ways. The PCP program can work with you to integrate reporting on your existing initiatives into the five-milestone framework. 

The milestones are: 

Milestone 1 Icon

Milestone 1
Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast

Milestone 2 Icon

Milestone 2
Setting an emissions reductions target

Milestone 3 Icon

Milestone 3
Developing a local action plan

Milestone 4 Icon

Milestone 4
Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities

Milestone 5 Icon

Milestone 5
Monitoring progress and reporting results

Although the PCP program encourages new members to begin with Milestone 1, work toward achieving milestones can be implemented in the order that is most appropriate for your community.

Reporting requirements

PCP members are asked to submit a report every two years to the PCP program. Find out about PCP reporting requirements

Learn more about the framework

See the Five-Milestone Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions for an overview of the PCP five-milestone framework and a list of resources available to help you achieve each milestone.

Page Updated: 28/02/2018