Tim Tierney
Third Vice-President
Tim Tierney is the City Councillor for the ward of Beacon Hill-Cyrville in Ottawa’s east end, and currently serving in his fourth term. He has been the FCM Ontario Caucus Chair for the past ten years.

Tim is currently Chair of the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee, along with a full slate of memberships on other committees, including, but not limited to the city’s Transit Commission, Environment and Climate Change Committee and Planning and Housing Committee.

Tim’s FCM experience and training has taken him coast to coast to coast and includes participation in many committees and policy makes groups withing the organization. Tim is especially proud of the work that was done on the Rail Safety Sub Committee which saw changes to safety across the county after the tragedy of the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster. And most recently, Tim has participated in FCM’s Allyship training for gender-based violence and other forms of discrimination through intersectionality and is very proud of the changes being implemented; through involvement and teamwork, to achieve a more equitable share of Gas Tax, and updating FCM’s Guiding Practices and rules.

Tim and his wife Jenny have three children, and love walking their dog Princesse in and around their neighbourhood of Beacon Hill.

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