July 10, 2019

Municipality of Saint-Charles-Borromée, Quebec
Parc du Bois-Brûlé green parking project
Funding from the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program: $250,200

Parc du Bois-Brûlé gets very busy in the summer as it is a venue for a wide range of sports. It currently lacks parking and the municipality would like to address this issue. For the time being, parking spots are marked off on the grass to meet demand, but the parking lot is often unusable during periods of heavy rainfall. The Municipality of Saint-Charles-Borromée would therefore like to take this opportunity to implement the most innovative green parking solutions. 

As such, the parking lot will be redesigned to offer an additional 31 parking spaces. The existing traffic lanes will be maintained. The parking spots will be laid with open cell pavers with grass growing through the cells, and lanes will be built with permeable jointed pavers for easier car access.

Moreover, islands of greenery will be set up between the rows of parking spaces and will include large canopy trees to provide shade in the parking lot. The islands will capture a portion of the runoff. The remaining runoff will seep into the permeable pavers and open cell pavers or will be directed towards the grass, as it is currently the case. 

Environmental benefits 

  • Fight against heat islands
  • Help retain rainwater 
  • Improve the air quality
  • Improve biodiversity

Social benefits

  • Educate the community and raise its awareness about environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • Inspire the community of Saint-Charles-Borromée and organizations on its territory to take concrete action for sustainable development.
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