Ending poverty starts locally

Published: July 2017 - PDF (0.7 MB)

Ending poverty starts locally

Municipal recommendations for a Canadian poverty reduction strategy

From coast to coast to coast, municipal leaders are on front lines of poverty. Every day, we see how poverty prevents individuals, families and communities from seizing their full potential. Among orders of government, municipalities are Canada’s eyes and ears on the ground. They are catalysts for change, convening diverse actors and tailoring initiatives to local realities. They are also driving action on cross-sectoral issues.

However, while the face of poverty is profoundly local, other orders of government control investment and policy levers that are vital to an effective response. Federal, provincial and territorial actions should complement, enable and help scale up innovative local efforts to reduce poverty across the country.

FCM welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the federal government’s upcoming Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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