By participating in FCM international projects, you gain experience that your municipality and others can benefit from — but only if you share your story.

This guide gives you practical tips on how to tell your story at every stage and engage others in the international development work you're doing.

You'll find advice and detailed models on how to communicate using compelling social media posts, clear email messages and presentations, print-ready news releases, and crowd-pleasing events.

Sharing Your StorySharing Your Story

If you haven't done it before, the thought of sharing your experience participating in FCM International initiatives can be daunting. This document offers help. We show you how to tell your story in several different formats, with tips on how to make a big impact.

Download the document.

Content TemplatesTemplates

This document contains templates to help you develop communications tools such as news releases and presentations. The templates correspond to the examples presented in Sharing Your Story

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