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Municipal Asset Management Program

Guide: Building sustainable communities with asset management

FREE GUIDEBOOK. Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities with Asset Management. Read the guide

Learn how asset management can help your municipality be more sustainable

When local governments combine asset management practices with climate change considerations, they are better able to address both their infrastructure needs and sustainability goals.

Read this guide to learn why you should build sustainable practices into in your asset management approach, and how you can get started. 

In this guide, you will discover:

  • How a municipality's climate change goals and infrastructure planning objectives are related
  • How asset management can help your municipality solve infrastructure challenges and take action on climate change
  • Specific ways you can weave sustainable practices into all stages of infrastructure planning for assets such as roads, buildings and sanitation systems.

This guidebook is designed for municipal staff or elected officials in medium and large municipalities who are responsible for green projects or who are interested in municipal sustainable development.

Read the guide

This free publication was created through FCM's Green Municipal Fund, funded by the Government of Canada.

Page Updated: 22/11/2018