The deadline for receipt of submissions each year is March 15. Nominations may be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail to:

FCM Roll of Honour Selection Committee
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
24 Clarence Street
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1N 5P3
Fax: 613-241-7440


  • Nominees no longer hold elected office in municipal, provincial, territorial or federal government.
  • Nominees have distinguished themselves by a proven record of sustained exceptional service to municipal government in Canada.
  • Nominees have distinguished themselves by having a proven record of sustained exceptional service to the goals and objectives of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
  • Nominees have served the FCM with distinction through the excellent performance of a specific or single task or the completion of a specified assignment, program or project that has enhanced the role, work or profile of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Nomination Procedures

  • Members of the Executive Committee, the National Board of Directors, a member municipality, or a provincial or territorial municipal association may nominate eligible candidates.
  • The nominating letter should not exceed two pages in length, but should be as detailed as possible and must include:
    • name and affiliation of nominee;
    • name, affiliation and address of the submitter;
    • date of submission;
    • description of the accomplishment(s) for which the nomination is being made (two-pages maximum);
    • a curriculum vitae or biographical sketch of the nominee (considered an asset); and
    • a maximum of five supporting letters co-sponsoring the nomination (may be submitted);
  • No nominations received after the deadline will be considered for the current year awards.
  • Nominations that do not follow these procedures may not be accepted.

Selection Committee

Each year, the FCM President will nominate members to the Roll of Honour Selection Committee chosen from a list of five past recipients of the award for a term of a maximum of three years. In the event of an extraordinary number of acceptable nominations in a given year, the Selection Committee may decide to hold some nominations for review in a subsequent year.

Announcement and Presentation of the Awards

Successful nominees will be advised in writing by the President, with a copy to the sponsors of the nominations and will be invited to attend FCM´s Annual Conference to receive the plaque. The nominees´ conference registration fees will be complimentary and FCM will reimburse nominees´ reasonable travel costs, as well as one night hotel accommodation.

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