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Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization

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FCM’s Green Municipal Fund

2017-2018 Annual Report


FCM's international programs have been putting local government at the heart of Canada's international development efforts since 1987. Join us for the next chapter.

Advocating in the Nation’s Capital

Advocating in the Nation's Capital

Working on behalf of its members, FCM actively engages with the federal government on a wide variety of issues that impact municipalities. We bring local priorities to the table in Ottawa, ensuring that urban, rural, northern and remote voices are heard and that federal policy and legislation works for municipalities. FCM's strong voice is well-respected in Ottawa. We work with federal departments and elected officials including the Prime Minister's Office, Cabinet Ministers, Party Leaders and all Members of Parliament to advance policy options that strengthen communities and Canada.

Environmentally sustainable cities and communities

Environmentally sustainable cities and communities

Our hometowns lead the way as providers of efficient transit systems, low emissions, buildings, cutting-edge waste management and the highest quality water and wastewater treatment. Through FCM's Green Municipal Fund, the Partners for Climate Protection Program (a partnership between FCM and ICLEI) and peer learning initiatives such as our Leadership in Brownfield Renewal and Leadership in Asset Management programs, Canadian cities and communities are moving from vision to sustainable reality. They are overcoming the challenges we all face and discovering that environmental, economic and social benefits go hand in hand.

Creating global municipal connections

Creating global municipal connections

Hometowns are where democratic governance, environmental sustainability and social service delivery move from policy to practice. In partnership with the Government of Canada, FCM's international programs bring Canada's municipal expertise to emerging economies and developing countries. Our network of municipal elected officials and technical experts provide peer-to-peer support to local governments in 25 partner countries on issues such as economic development and citizen engagement. As active participants in the global municipal movement, Canada's cities and communities continue to advocate for the recognition of local government as a key player in effective international development, as well as trade and investment promotion.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has been the national voice of municipal government since 1901.