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Call for action and rail safety principles

Call for action

FCM's National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group has called for action on the following priorities to address rail safety issues:

1.      Equip and support municipal first responders to rail emergencies:

  • Municipalities need to know what dangerous goods are being transported through their communities so local services can plan and respond effectively to emergencies.
  • Railways and federal agencies cannot plan for emergencies alone. Local governments and authorities must be involved as partners in emergency planning.

2.      Ensure federal and industry policies and regulations address the rail safety concerns of municipalities:

  • At the local level, rail incidents can have significant impacts on public safety, the economy and the environment.
  • Municipal concerns must be included in federal government risk assessment and policy development on rail safety.

3.      Prevent downloading of rail safety and emergency response costs to municipal taxpayers:

  • Third-party liability insurance systems must be strengthened to prevent the downloading of liability costs on municipal taxpayers, even in the event of bankruptcies. 

FCM Principles on Rail Safety

The National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group has adopted the following principles to guide FCM's discussion with the federal government on rail safety:

  • Ensuring the safety of Canada's rail transportation system must be a federal priority and a clear federal responsibility.
  • The government must respond to safety recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board, and address previously identified safety deficiencies.
  • Federal-municipal partnership is essential to ensuring rail safety.
Page Updated: 29/04/2016