Want to serve on FCM’s Board of Directors in 2023? Access information about committees, candidate nominations, campaigning and the election rules.

As we continue to face the local and national impacts of the pandemic, governance of FCM will play a critical role in supporting the advocacy we carry out for municipalities across the country. 

If you’re invested in the issues our members care about, consider running for a one-year Board term to support our work.

Our Board is made up of elected municipal officials who are committed to championing local priorities at the national level on behalf of the FCM membership. The Board meets in person/hybrid three times per year, with some committee meetings in between. Our Board members also promote FCM priorities in their local communities and with their federal counterparts on Parliament Hill.

Becoming a Board Director is a great opportunity to connect with other members across the country to share lessons learned and new ideas. We hope you’ll bring your talents and commitment to the table!

Who is eligible to run as a candidate?

If you wish to be registered on the electoral ballot, you must:

  • Be an elected official of an FCM-member municipality in good standing
  • Submit your consent form:
  • Submit an official resolution: The resolution (see the template) must be endorsed by your member municipality or Provincial/Territorial Municipal Association, expressly permitting you to seek a position on FCM’s Board and confirming your municipality/association will assume any costs related to your attending FCM meetings.

You are also encouraged to post campaign material including a brief bio (see next paragraph).

Outreach during your campaign

Once your documentation is submitted and approved, we encourage you to submit a picture and a short bio, which we’ll post on this website. The bio may include a link to a campaign video if you choose to produce and host one through a third-party provider (e.g., YouTube).

You may post campaign materials on this website, which may contain only the following: written text of the candidate’s biography (maximum 500 words); a candidate photo; a link to a campaign video; a link to the candidate’s personal campaign page; and one additional link to a candidate’s promotional material. FCM will not be responsible for translating materials and will post the information in the language(s) received.

Want to apply to sit as a committee member?

Our committees include Board and non-Board members of FCM. Eligible candidates may apply to become a member of select FCM’s Standing Committees. We'll email members a link to the online form when the application window opens after the Annual Conference.

Campaign guidelines

These Campaign guidelines include the 2023 rules for campaigning.

FCM by-laws

These rules guide our organization, including many aspects of the election process.

Election procedures

Learn about the detailed rules we follow during our elections process.

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