Municipal population Project duration Grant amount
483 July 2017–December 2017 $34,800

The Village of Ryley took a big step in its asset-management journey in 2017, when it commissioned an infrastructure assessment and 10-year capital plan. Completed by an independent engineering firm, the work represents a milestone for Ryley, a village of about 500 people an hour southeast of Edmonton.

Village of Ryley, AB

“For the first time, councillors now have the current, accurate data they need to make sound budgeting decisions,” says Michael Simpson, Ryley’s chief administrative officer. “And we now have the capacity to update the data and ensure it will be just as relevant for future councils.”

Since accepting the job in 2017, Michael Simpson has encouraged Ryley’s five-member council to adopt asset management. Previous stints as CAO of the nearby Village of Willingdon and as Vegreville town councillor have deepened his understanding of the municipal infrastructure challenge.

Continuity is critical.... Councils and CAOs come and go, but municipal staff tend to stay in their jobs longer and can educate incoming administrators and councillors about long-term plans.”
Michael Simpson, Ryley’s chief administrative officer

“Michael has helped us recognize the advantages of a long-term, strategic approach to managing our assets,” says Mayor Terry Magneson. “Like my father and grandfather, I’m a local farmer who’s served on municipal council. And like them, I want to ensure that Ryley continues to thrive long after I’m gone. Asset management helps achieve this goal.”

Ryley took advantage of funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) to complete the research and planning project. MAMP covered about two-thirds of the project’s engineering fees. Ryley now has critical information about the condition of its sewer systems, roads and sidewalks, along with a 10-year plan of the work needed to ensure that this infrastructure continues to meet the needs of residents.

Another aspect of the project is training for Ryley’s staff of five people. The village saved money by accessing the training tools developed by Alberta’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

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