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Help homeowners save money on energy costs & lower GHGs

Improving the energy performance of residential buildings can help Canadians save money, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and drive investment in the local economy. But homeowners face several barriers to upgrading their homes, including limited access to financial and technical assistance to complete these improvements.  

By offering a local financing program for home energy upgrades, municipalities can help residents improve the performance, comfort, and affordability of their homes, while also supporting local energy professionals and meeting their climate change goals. GMF’s $300 million Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) initiative supports municipalities to create, launch and scale-up innovative financing programs for residential energy projects.  

Interested in helping improve the homes in your community? Watch this webinar recording to learn about available funding and hear how other municipalities have developed financing programs to meet the needs of their residents.  

Watch this webinar recording and...

  • Learn about different options for financing programs and ways to set them up for success.
  • Explore the benefits of efficiency financing programs, including how they can help achieve your community’s sustainability objectives and overcome barriers to completing home energy upgrades. 
  • Discover how the Green Municipal Fund can support your efficiency financing projects, from funding for studies and capital programs to capacity-building activities and resources. 

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For two decades, we’ve led the way in supporting innovative municipal sustainability projects across Canada. Through GMF’s unique mix of training, resources and funding, municipalities have improved their air, water and soil quality, and tackled the impacts of climate change. With our help, municipalities and their partners have brought more than 1,310 sustainable projects to life.

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