May 24, 2019

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) was awarded the 2019 Tereo Ambassador Award by the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM). The award recognizes FCM’s commitment to enable the adoption and improvement of asset management practices across Canada.

MAMP team poses with statue

Left to Right:  CNAM’s Past Chair, Alain Gonthier, and FCM staff, Brett Phillips, Aymone Agossou, Natalie Johnson, Karine Proulx, Michael Burt, Bogdan Makuc, Anissia Nasr, Arpa Barua and Stéphanie Levine. Image credit: CNAM.

CNAM had this to say about MAMP’s impact on asset management in Canada:

Over the past few years FCM's MAMP has significantly moved the yard stick forward across the country by building awareness about asset management, providing technical assistance to build capacity in asset management, providing grants for municipalities to build capacity in asset management and by mobilizing asset management knowledge and fostering pan-Canadian collaborations.

The program's portfolio of municipal grant projects and partner-led programming is reaching MAMP's target audience - small and medium-sized communities in every province and territory across Canada - and enabling them to improve their asset management practices. Most critically, MAMP has successfully fostered a strong and collaborative network of partners and stakeholders that is central to the program's success.

Visit the CNAM website to read the full statement about MAMP and to learn more about other award winners.

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