The research is in, and the results are clear.

Canadians view municipal governments as the most trusted order of government to improve quality of life in their communities.

This new polling, conducted by Abacus Data and commissioned by FCM, reveals that 61% of Canadians feel their municipal government best understood the challenges facing their communities, compared to the provincial or federal orders of government. More than half of respondents also say municipal governments were the order of government best placed to improve the quality of life of residents in their community.

When asked for their views on allowing municipal governments greater control to manage local infrastructure projects, 86% of respondents agreed it was a good idea. Eighty-three percent also agreed that municipal governments should have greater control in choosing those projects.

Finally, in a hypothetical scenario wherein a federal political party promised a permanent and dedicated fund that allowed municipalities to decide how the money was spent, Canadians overwhelmingly supported the idea regardless of political affiliation or demographic.

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“FCM and our membership have a clear message: a more direct relationship between municipalities and the federal government will result in better, faster, more efficient solutions to local challenges,” said FCM President Vicki-May Hamm.

“This compelling new data overwhelmingly demonstrates that Canadians want to see their municipal governments better empowered to address the challenges and opportunities that families face in their communities.”

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