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Sheryl Spence

Sheryl Spence

Her Worship Mayor Sheryl Spence was raised and educated in the City of Saskatoon.
In 1983 Sheryl, her husband Dave, and young family moved to the small town of Warman. While raising their children, they all became very involved in sports, their church and their community; immersing their time, energy and life fully into their new home. Mayor Spence was hired as an Early Childhood Educator that very same year. Her love for children and the rewards of working with these little people kept her in this position until she retired in 2003. Spending time with family and friends at their seasonal home at Candle Lake has been a favourite getaway for 20 years. Sheryl's four grandchildren are a source of pride and the hours spent together are always cherished.

Sheryl has participated over the years in community boards, school boards, advisory groups, committees, and commissions, just to name a few. Her aim is being involved and always keeping Warman's community needs as a priority.

Mayor Spence was first elected to Warman Town Council in 2000. In that election there were 18 nominees vying for six Council positions. It was a huge vote of confidence when Sheryl won that election with an overwhelming popular vote.

In recognition of her years of volunteering and service in and around the community of Warman, Sheryl Spence was named Warman's 2005 Citizen of the Year; a tremendous honour for her and her family.

In 2006, Sheryl Spence was elected as Mayor for this fast growing community. She has devoted much of her time in serving this vibrant and progressive municipality. Mayor Spence promotes and believes this community to be the very best place to live in, raise a family, work, play, and do business... and of course, retire.

Mayor Spence was acclaimed as Mayor in 2009 and again in 2012, making her the first Mayor for the City of Warman.

Mayor Spence's goal is to keep communication with residents, staff, businesses and government of all level, inside and outside Warman's borders, a priority. The hard work in fostering past and future partnerships will continue to be her aim as we move ahead. A good example of this would be the Legends Golf Course and the Legends Recreational Centre. These projects have been the kind of joint partnerships Mayor Spence not only believes in, but works hard to create because of the great benefits they generate for the citizens of this City. As always, Mayor Spence will keep a close eye on Warman's expanding infrastructure and always keep in tune to the heartbeat of the community she loves, and lives in: The City of Warman.

Page Updated: 20/05/2016