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Association of Ukrainian Cities

National Mayors Forum

Friday, July 1, 2011 (Ilyichivsk, Ukraine)

Session summary

On July 1, 2011, in Ilyichivsk city (Ukraine), the MLED Project and the AUC held a Local Economic Development Day titled "Local Economic Development: Fundamentals and Development Perspectives in Ukraine" as a part of VII Ukrainian Municipal Forum.

The objective of this event was to share the best practices of the municipalities of Canada and Ukraine in protecting and representing interests of local self-government bodies at the national and local levels. Specifically, this included the presentation of models, tools and best practices of local economic development, analysis of performance assessment systems of Ukrainian and Canadian municipalities in the area of administrative and utility services.

Featured Canadian speakers shared best practices and initiatives in the area of local economic development. Brock Carlton, FCM Chief Executive Officer, presented the experience of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in advocating interests of Canada's municipal sector in his welcoming address to the forum participants. Pat Fiacco, one of the forum's honorary guests and the Mayor of Regina presented the experience of Regina (Saskatchewan's capital city) in establishing interagency cooperation to attract more investment and boost economic development. Roger Anderson, the Chair and Executive Director of Durham Region told how community resources mobilization contributed to changing the stagnating economy of Durham into a strong world center for development and introduction of contemporary, sustainable and reliable energy solutions and technologies.

The forum participants were presented with information on the Canadian municipal performance assessment program using the example of the city of Toronto. A similar program will be implemented in Ukraine under the support of the MLED project and AUC. The relevant presentations were offered by the Canadian guests - Lorne Turner, Bohdan Wynnyckyj and Helen Ng.

The presentations of leading Ukrainian and international experts were devoted to the experience of using the following innovative tools of local economic development: strategic planning, facilitating private investment, establishing adequate local budgets, efficient municipal administration, use of financial and non-financial tools for private sector development, capacity building for nongovernment organizations and economic development agencies, territory marketing, business support and creating favorable business climate.


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