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Supporting Women Entrepreneurship in Local Economic Development

Supporting Women Entrepreneurship in Local Economic Development

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Session summary

Creating sustainable and inclusive communities includes making sure women have a voice in the development of local economic development initiatives.

This webinar offered perspectives from three regions of the world. 

Speakers discussed how this issue relates to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and how local governments are working to remove barriers to inclusion.

This event was organized as part of the DELGEN Initiative, a Consortium of organizations sharing knowledge on Local Economic Development (LED) and Gender Equality (GE).

Led by the Governance & Gender Unit for the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Office of the United Nations Democratic Programm in Panama, the consortium currently groups organizations from Canada, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Basque Country and Mexico.


  • Mayor Dr. Angela Brown-Burke: Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica and partner in FCM's CARILED program
  • Alison Kirkland, Director of Communications and Client Services, Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba and municipal expert for FCM International
  • Daena Diaz, University of La Guajira, Colombia,  and partner in FCM's CISAL program



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