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MLED: Canadian Municipal Partner Orientation

April 28-29, 2011 (Winnipeg, MB)

Session summary

As MLED is funded by the Canadian government and involves the mobilization of Canadian municipal experts to Ukraine (both volunteers and consultants), as well as the hosting of technical missions in Canada, representatives from all Canadian partner municipalities were eligible to attend a two-day Intercultural Effectiveness workshop organized by the Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL) that was organized in Winnipeg on April 28-29, 2011.

The two-day workshop sought to enhance the effectiveness of Canadians working in an international context.  The training was facilitated by an intercultural facilitator from CIL, Randy Weeks, who presented workshop participants with frameworks and practical tools that will help them to answer questions when working in Ukraine such as: how will my cultural values affect my collaboration with project colleagues in Ukraine? how can I decipher and reconcile intercultural situations? which filters will promote communication and which will make it more difficult? how do I establish a relationship that leads to collaboration? can we adapt quickly and how?

Given the scope and objectives of the MLED project, this workshop had a country-specific focus on Ukraine and involved a cultural resource person knowledgeable about Ukrainian society and culture, Dr. Orest Subtelny, who provided insights into the social values and workplace norms of the Ukrainian society and shared tips and strategies on how to build successful collaboration with Ukrainian colleagues and stakeholders.

It was attended by some of the Canadian municipal volunteers who will be mobilized over the next four years as part of the MLED project so they could develop good understanding of the intercultural environment in which the project is implemented and serve as a resource to other volunteers down the road.



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