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Statement by FCM President on the closing of the FCM annual conference (02/06/2014)

NIAGARA REGION, ON - The following statement was released today by Brad Woodside, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), at the close of the 77th Annual Conference and Trade show for municipal leaders across Canada:

"Canada's municipal leaders gathered over the past four days to discuss their work in ensuring Canadians have the quality of life they deserve, and enabling the innovation that creates jobs and growth in this country.

Across Canada, from our largest cities to our most tight knit communities, our more than 2000 member municipalities share a common passion and belief in building a strong Canada from the ground up. I know Canadians share this belief and that's why we'll be making that case in the lead-up to the next federal election.

We took time this week to talk about the solutions to the challenges playing out in our hometowns and how to move them to the top of the federal agenda. From building our roads, bridges, transit and water systems to making sure all Canadians have a decent place to live, we know many of the solutions lie in strengthening our hometowns and their ability to be innovative and responsive.

These are the services Canadians rely on and we know that they want to see all levels of government cooperate to make our hometowns stronger. We are leaving Niagara with a united message that a strong Canada begins with strong hometowns. We're also leaving with a commitment, that from coast to coast, we're going to push that message to the top in the next federal election."
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