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Municipal leaders from across Canada gather in Sherbrooke (01/03/2016)

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), representing communities from coast to coast to coast, will gather in Sherbrooke this week to prepare for the upcoming federal budget. The Board will continue to advance FCM's budget plan, Rising to the Moment, which focuses on job creation, economic growth and sustainable communities.

 "I look forward to meeting with my fellow mayors and municipal councillors at this important moment in Canadian history," said Raymond Louie, FCM President. "More than ever, our local communities are playing a critical role in helping our federal partners transform their bold vision into local jobs, sustainable economic growth, and better quality of life for all Canadians."

Building on its presentation to the House of Commons Finance Committee on February 18, FCM's Board of Directors will discuss strategies to support a strong partnership between the federal government and the municipal sector.  This partnership is outlined in FCM's budget submission which calls for smart investments in public transit, affordable housing and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

"Our proposal calls for bold and smart investments to be made in a way that best recognizes and responds to the diverse needs of Canada's municipalities. From the biggest cities to the smallest rural communities, our local governments must have the flexibility and the resources to meet local needs," says Mr. Louie. "Our meeting in Sherbrooke is a great opportunity to come together and talk about how the upcoming budget can help achieve our common goal of building our communities and our country."

Collaboration between all orders of government is needed to strengthen communities and contribute to Canada's economic sustainability, and improve the quality of life of Canadians.  

 "Municipal priorities are Canadian priorities. The federal government understands the importance of working with local communities to develop our nation. It's what Canadians expect of us and I look forward to working with my Board colleagues to prepare for federal budget day", added FCM President Raymond Louie.    

Page Updated: 01/03/2016