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Partners for Climate Protection

2008 National Measures Report

2008 was the first year of the national measures reporting initiative and served as a pilot to capture and verify the impact of the measures implemented by PCP members in a systematic manner. Data was extracted from reports submitted to the PCP program, on file from PCP member technical reviews, and various member websites. Communities were also contacted directly to verify information about their measures.

The results collected were used to populate the initial database, but a report was not generated.


Corporate Emissions

Ninety-six measures were collected within the corporate sector. These varied between all sub-sectors including buildings, fleet, water, streetlights and waste. Approximately 53% of all of the measures captured within the database had quantifiable reductions totaling over 95,000 tonnes of GHGs or the equivalent to planting of 11,120  trees. The majority of measures were within the building and streetlight sectors - energy efficiency projects, retrofits and heating/cooling system upgrades. 

Community Emissions

Sixty-three measures were collected in the community sector, of which 44% had quantifiable GHG emission reductions totaling approximately 249,000 tonnes of GHGs or the equivalent of 62,250  cars being taken off the road.  Most of the measures were extracted from PCP members local action plans. Many of the efforts made within the community sector related to public awareness and educational campaigns which are hard to translate into verifiable GHG emission reductions.

Page Updated: 02/03/2016