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Partners for Climate Protection

2009 National Measures Report

In 2009, the FCM-ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program gathered and analyzed data on initiatives implemented by municipal governments in Canada to reduce GHG emissions at the corporate and community levels and compiled them in to the 2009 National Measures Report. The initiatives range from education campaigns to complete building retrofits for energy efficiency.


PCP collected data from 16 communities, including Canada's largest cities, represented by the Big City Mayors Caucus (BCMC), and a select group of PCP members. ICLEI also gathered data from various sources on 26 other municipal governments' activities and added this information to the database for analysis. The 42 municipalities that contributed to the database represent 38 per cent of the Canadian population. The database now includes more than 350 initiatives. Energy and GHG emission reductions, direct costs, and cost savings were included in the analysis.

The results of the analysis are clear: municipalities are significantly reducing GHG emissions in Canada, providing real solutions and leading the fight against climate change.

The cumulative annual GHG reductions reported by municipal governments is 1.4 million tonnes - the equivalent of removing about 325,600 light vehicles from the road. Municipalities are also proving that their influence goes far beyond their own operations: they have reported reducing GHGs by 308,100 tonnes within the industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI), residential and transportation sectors in their communities.The initiatives implemented vary from million-dollar projects to low or no-cost initiatives. These municipal investments are already generating significant savings of tax-payers' dollars - over $56 million in savings to

Municipal governments are taking action to improve quality of life and air quality in their communities, and to reduce operating costs.

Page Updated: 02/03/2016