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Partners for Climate Protection

Milestone 3: Tools and Resources

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    Alternative Financing Mechanisms Compendium

    This sampling of alternative financial mechanisms aims to provide information on developing new sources of funding, financing and revenues, or use existing tools to greater advantage. The focus is on existing mechanisms that can be used in most, if not all, Canadian municipalities without having to amend existing federal, provincial or territorial legislation.
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    Webinar: Ask a PCP Champion for Tips on Municipal Energy Initiatives

    This webinar features the cities of Nelson, Yellowknife, and Halifax and the Region of Waterloo who have pursued their own unique plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a common vision of reaching a low-carbon future. These municipalities are all Milestone 5 achievers with valuable knowledge to support other communities who are looking to establish an action plan and reduce climate change impacts.
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    Reaching Milestone 3: How to Create a Local Action Plan to Manage Energy and Emissions

    This document will guide you through the development of your local climate change action plan, which we refer to as a local action plan. It includes examples of strategies that Partners for Climate Protection member municipalities have used successfully, and highlights model local action plans.
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    Five-Milestone Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    An overview of the PCP five-milestone framework and a list of resources available to help you achieve each milestone
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    Six Steps to a Sustainable Community: A Guide to Local Action Planning

    Local action planning is the process of creating a strategic document that outlines specifically how your municipality will achieve a selected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target. This document will guide you through the stakeholder engagement process, based on lessons learned from various municipalities.
Page Updated: 22/04/2016