August 14, 2019

FCM President Bill Karsten issued this statement following the Prime Minister’s announcement on how Budget 2019’s doubling of this year’s Gas Tax Fund transfer is building better lives for Canadians.

“As the order of government closest to daily life, municipalities understand the challenges Canadians face and the solutions to make their lives better. We build the roads and bridges that get Canadians where they need to go; the water systems and recreational centres that make our communities livable and vibrant.

“The Federation of Canadian Municipalities welcomes today’s announcement highlighting the success of the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF) transfers and demonstrating how Budget 2019’s one-time $2.2 billion doubling is right now accelerating local infrastructure investments all across Canada. The GTF is a long-term, predictable federal funding stream local governments rely on to deliver thousands of infrastructure renewal projects each year to build better lives.

“In the Village of Granisle, BC the GTF was used to expand its bioenergy capacity which now heats the Village office, ice arena, elementary school, curling rink, fire hall, public works office and tourist information centre. The City of Terrebonne, QC is starting work on a new multi-functional path that will create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. In Clearview Township, ON these funds helped launch a new municipal transit service. And these are just a few of the thousands of transformative projects the GTF funds every year.

“The GTF is a strong investment model to build on because it is a direct and reliable tool for municipalities to plan and deliver. The federal government recognized the value of this funding tool by doubling this year’s Gas Tax Fund transfer in Budget 2019— a transformative step forward welcomed by local governments. Right now, municipalities all across Canada are using every new dollar approved in Budget 2019 to deliver on renewal projects quickly and efficiently.

“The investment in the GTF also supports a more direct relationship between municipalities and the federal government, building the cities and communities Canadians deserve. FCM will continue to work with our federal partners to ensure these investments have the biggest impact over the long term. Making this doubling permanent will enable municipalities to deliver more and build better lives for Canadians.”

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is the national voice of local government, with nearly 2,000-member municipalities representing more than 90 per cent of the Canadian population.

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