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Municipal Asset Management Program

About: Municipal Asset Management Program

Much of Canada's infrastructure—roads, drinking water and wastewater systems, arenas, bridges and more—is owned by municipal government. With the support of the federal government, municipalities are embarking on an unprecedented renewal phase of these critical assets, recognizing that Canadians rely on this infrastructure for their quality of life.  

The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) is a five-year, $50-million program that will support Canadian cities and communities to make informed decisions about infrastructure, such as the planning and construction of roads, recreational facilities, and water and wastewater systems.

Helping municipalities take a holistic approach to infrastructure renewal

Infrastructure renewal represents arguably the toughest challenge facing municipalities across Canada. Decisions about maintaining, replacing and repairing infrastructure have significant consequences not only for a municipality's bottom line, but also for residents, neighbourhoods and the natural environment.

Asset management calls for an integrated, holistic approach to community infrastructure. This approach involves analyzing all relevant factors, such as the costs of construction and ongoing maintenance, along with environmental, social and community impacts. The goal is to ensure that municipalities can deliver the services that residents need and want at costs they can afford.  

The key to asset management is access to, and analysis of, accurate, current and relevant data. To plan effectively, a municipality must have a good idea of what the future is likely to hold: how its population and economy will evolve and how local weather patterns will change over the long term—the projected lifecycle of most community infrastructure.  

Asset management training, funding and information sharing for municipalities

The Municipal Asset Management Program will enable municipalities to access the data needed to plan effectively.  

The program helps municipalities in four ways:

  • Broadening adoption and reliance on sound asset management practices
  • Training and workshops on best practices tailored to the needs of participating municipality
  • Funding to assist with the planning, data management and analysis undertaken by a municipality or partner
  • Gathering and sharing relevant knowledge and lessons learned about the experiences of Canadian cities and communities

Delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with funds from the Government of Canada, the program is implemented in partnership with municipal, provincial and territorial associations and other key stakeholders that support strengthened municipal asset management practices. In the next four years, the program is expected to reach an estimated 4,000 individuals and 750 municipalities through asset management through training and knowledge sharing. The program is expected to fund up to 550 municipal projects across the country.

MAMP complements another new program delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, which will focus on municipalities that have basic asset management systems in place. The program will support municipalities that want to strengthen their capacity to plan for adaptation of their infrastructure to meet more ambitious environmental and sustainability objectives.

Page Updated: 06/04/2018